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Chinese influence entered the Malay Archipelago as early as the 14th century. This exchange of cultures has brought about great change in the region.

Mutha Puaka and Mr Sabotage have teamed up to explore this concept through the ancient, Chinese-influenced ‘Banji’ Batik pattern.

Banji or Ban Tzi means ‘Tens of Thousands’, and the pattern symbolises joy, abundance, and the spiritual connection of everything in the universe. The motif is meant to maintain one’s spiritual purity and protect one from dangers.

This collection is made up of a button-down shirt in black, and bucket hats by New Era in black and prosperous red.

  • Sublimination print on polysoft fabric.
  • 100% Made in Malaysia.
  • Fits wide. Please buy 1 size down.
 Size Width Length
S 23.5" 30.5"
M 24.5" 31.5"
L 25.5" 32.5"
XL 26.5" 33.5"
XXL 27.5" 34.5"